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European Electricity Statistics 2023

2023 cumulative load shedding worst in 15 years

Engineering dissent: renewables will require pumped storage expansion

What should Engineers know about Radiation?

Discussions with Andy Calitz

Load shedding: what caused it and why the lack of a solution?

Civilian and Military Nuclear Power

Innovating Finance for Infrastructure Development

Counterpunch's strange claims regarding Nuclear Power

Who will build the world's first Small Modular Reactor en mass?

What happened to the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor?

Nuclear Energy, an industry overview

South Africa's Tokamak Fusion Reactor

Megaprojects: Numerous benefits of nuclear power for the Eastern Cape

South Africa's plans to generate 2500MW of new nuclear energy

Engineering Dissent: Gloves come off as SA backs nuclear

Unbundling Eskom: Analyst Warns of Potential Social Instability and Calls for Government Transparency

Eskom: South Africa fixes what is broken

Suid-Afrika het nog 'n ekstra Kernkrag Reaktor Nodig

Letter to Minister Barbara Creecy

Lazard's "error" in the cost of nuclear

Kernkrag is 'n ideale wapen teen beurtkrag

South Africa's coal fields

South Africa's shift to Nuclear Power

S.A. se besluit om 'n kernkragsentrale te bou

What does a Nuclear Plant Cost?

The Airplanes going to Cop28

On Climate Change

What is Dunkelflaute?

How Electricity as a Service would work in practice

Presentation to the portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy,

Submission to Parliament South Africa, ELECTRICITY REGULATION AMENDMENT BILL (B23-2023)

Is Eskom’s data reflective of the true situation?

Does COP28 enable corruption?

The Germans (again) caught smoking Coal

The most intelligent picture ever taken

Lack of response from Beyond Nuclear International

The World Nuclear Exhibition

Eskom's missing data

World Experience in Nuclear Construction

Electricity Wars: California is pivoting to a service model!

Electricity Wars: Whose metric is it anyways?

Nuclear First Concrete to Completion

Engineering Dissent: Open Letter to the Anti-Nukes

Renewable Corruption in South Africa

In defense of climate adaptation

Important Article on the Iran-Hamas Divide

The Grand Paris Express

Yes, you can run a coal plant far beyond its lifetime.

Path to peace in Ukraine

The growing powers of the minister of electricity

The source of the boiler and mill problems at Medupi and Kusile

Eskom: Maintenance, Maintenance and Maintenance

SA can use its stance on nuclear nonproliferation to put diplomatic pressure on Israel

Koeberg Unit 1 is safely and successfully synchronised to the grid

Eskom's Breakdowns

Electricity should be sold as a service - Time to shift to new paradigm

World Wide Utility Ownership

Israel "negotiates with terrorists"

The cost to fix Eskom

Edward Deming's Principles in Quality Control

The Anti-Nuclear Activists in South Africa

Israel's chance to turn carnage into peace

Energy Absurdities

What's Up With South Africa's Grid?

Propaganda and the Middle East

Rate payers will keep footing Eskom bill

Dealing with war propaganda

South Africa's State Religion

Nuclear vs Solar

The green energy net-zero plan will require a command economy


Yes, you can "negotiate with terrorists"

Israel vs Palestine

Israel/Palestine Conflict

South Africa's Electricity Mix

Eskom's Kusile Unit 3 returned to serviceer power utility gets the nod to bypass pollution controls

Is SA closer to ending loadshedding?

The USA can let go of PEPFAR

Breaking Down Nuclear Power

Europe's Dinasaur Juice

SA doesn't need new Power Stations to end loadshedding

Interview with Influence Wach

Antidepressants and bigpharma

“How does Eskom intend to end loadshedding when it doesn’t even have an adequate budget for maintenance?

Eskom and the media's scientific illiteracy

Reflection on the Iranian Protest

Hoe Suid-Afrika 'n kernkragsentrale moet kies ?

The Myth of Plutonium Toxicity

The Future of Nuclear Energy - South Africa

Richards Bay: the gateway for Africa’s LNG goldmine

How South Africa should select a nuclear power plant

The Anti-Nuclear Industrial Complex

Adaptation Is the Answer

Canada's Political Prisoners

Unbundling Eskom is going to cause more problems

Reflection: An ITRS roadmap for Nuclear?

Conversations with Eskom

The anti-nukes, as usual, are just plain wrong

Interview with Robert Bryce

Radiation and Readon

South Africa's Energy Crisis

Dear Sputla, stand up to NGO industrial complex, burn more coal

The Nuclear Narrative

Why do we have load shedding? It's NERSA not ESKOM

Malthusian Climate Policies

Dr Wade Allison on Nuclear Safety

Understanding Eskom

KRAGKRISIS: Ons redding is in nasionalisering, kernkrag en steenkool

Kernkrag is beter sê groep in kritiek op klimaatkomissie se voorstelle

Antiwar News

President’s Climate Report is “flawed, simplistic and inadequate”, and not in South Africa’s interests

South Africa's Energy Revolution

Africa’s Urban Future

Breaking up Eskom will be the end of South Africa

Suid-Afrika se Energie Revolusie

Conversations with Dr. Pali Lehola

A reflection on Iran

How a Nuclear Reactor Works

Financing Options for Nuclear Plants

On the Africa Ukraine 10 point peace plan

The Legend of Thomas Telford

On "the cost of nuclear"

Understanding the Cost of Nuclear

Understanding the Iranian Narrative

Energy Competence

The New Great Game

The History of Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program

On the history of the LNT Model of Radiation

Is it about Black Lives or is it about Power?

Meet Iain Davis

Truth, Reconciliation, and the Death of Adriaan Vlok

The Pebble Bed Modular Reactor

Denis Rancourt vs Panda (Nick Hudson)